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Counselling for EATING DISORDERS


Struggling with an eating disorder is very frightening and isolating. The drive to manage on your own can be strong, but it may not be the best thing for you. It is important that you get help and support when you need it. 

Eating disorders are a range of illnesses, characterised by emotional and behavioural difficulties associated with food and weight. The main types of eating disorders are Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, binge-eating disorder and OFSED (otherwise specified food and eating disorders). Each type of eating disorder brings its own physical complications.  

Not everyone will fit neatly into a specific diagnosis, but if you are using food and eating as a way of coping or if food makes you feel in/out of control, you will be able to access our service. 

At Renew, our counsellors are specifically trained to work with people struggling with food and eating. We want to help you take back control of your life and feel stronger. Our counsellors are supervised by professionally trained supervisors as part of their professional development and to ensure that they are working ethically with clients. 

“Beneath every behaviour there is a feeling. And beneath every feeling, there is a need.

And when we meet that need rather than focus on the behaviour, we begin to

deal with the cause, not the symptom”

– Ashleigh Warner, Psychologist

How does the process work?

How does the process work?

Contact us directly, at the centre that suits you best.  You can call or email.    Make sure that you quote the project name ‘Re-ed’ when you get in touch with us, as you may be eligible for funding through this project.

Your assessment

You will be invited to come along to one of the centres for an assessment.  Our team will book an appointment with you on the phone.  
The assessment is an opportunity for you to find out more about counselling and to decide if we are the right place for you.  We will ask you how we can help and for any information that you think might be important for us to know.

What happens after my assessment?

If, after your assessment, we find that Renew is the right place for you, we will allocate you to a counsellor. This will depend on both your own availability and the availability of a suitable counsellor. There may be a wait while we find the right counsellor for you.

It may be that we discover that we are not the right place to fulfil your needs. If this happens, we will work to signpost or refer you to a more suitable service. It is important to us that you get the best support possible.

about your counselling sessions

Through counselling, you can work with your therapist to begin taking back control of your life. You’ll build the strength to understand or deal with the issues that have been pulling you into the eating disorder. 

 We offer weekly counselling with counsellors who have extensive experience of working with individuals affected. We are happy to work alongside other professionals attending to your physical well-being. 

Every session is confidential to the service. This means that nothing will be discussed with anyone outside Renew unless there is risk, and in almost all cases we would want to talk with you before disclosing any information to anyone else. 

Paying for your sessions

Funding options will be discussed with you either when you initially contact the centre, or when you speak to the Centre Manager about your initial assessment. We are a charity, so we do have some funded services available.

We are part funded by mid-Essex CCG to provide counselling to individuals aged 17 that are struggling with their food and eating and are based in Chelmsford and the surrounding areas. 

We also receive funding from external organisations to support some of the services that we deliver. However, this is not always the case – you may be required to pay what you can afford, starting from £16.00 per session. Our sessions cost us £48.00 to deliver. 

When you get in touch, we will talk to you about the funding available to you and work out if you are eligibile. If there isn’t any funding available, we will work out your contribution towards the cost of counselling. 

You can click below to learn more about how Renew is funded. 

Any questions?

If you’re unsure about any of the information on this page, or would like a further chat before booking your initial assessment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Meet our counsellors

We are proud to employ over 60 skilled counsellors across our centres. Many of our counsellors have individual areas of interest and a wealth of experience.

In line with our ethos, all counsellors are trained to a high professional standard and are registered to/accredited by a recognised professional body, abiding by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) Code of Ethics.

Learn more about our counsellors by clicking the link below.