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Supervision is essential for sustaining good practice. Choosing your supervisor is an important task that requires research, reflection and a robust awareness of your own professional needs to ensure the safety of your clients and the integrity of your practice.  

A fundamental part of providing high-quality, professional counselling is ensuring that each counsellor is appropriately clinically supervised.  We provide supervision for counsellors and other professionals working with other individuals in a supportive way. 

Supervision is separate from teaching. It may touch on the exploration of personal awareness and values but it should not become personal therapy.

“Supervision is a confidential working relationship in which the personal resources of the supervisor and supervisee are directed, in regular sessions, towards maximising the competence of the supervisee in fulfilling his/her professional role. 

The aim of supervision is to provide an attentive and supportive climate within which the individual can develop new options for managing themselves and their work with greater satisfaction and effectiveness. Supervision aims to achieve this by; considering responsibility for standards and ethicssharing the responsibility for the professional development of the supervisee’s skills, knowledge and understandingproviding opportunities for discharge and recharging of batteries.”
Inskipp & Proctor, 1989 


Our supervisors offer the same high standards that we see in our counsellors.  All of our supervisors have received professional and appropriate training.  We also deliver a Supervision Diploma (integrative) through our training department  Click the link below to meet our team. 

"She felt much more able to cope with her feelings, and to seek help when she needed it."