Renew Counselling and Training

Nikki Schuster

Chief Executive Officer

I came to counselling and psychotherapy 26 years ago and discovered something that would change my life and my focus forever. I passionately believe in the intrinsic value of professional therapeutic support for all, regardless of their circumstance. Indeed, the lower down the economic scale we live, the less likely it is that we can access this support and the more likely we are coping with a lot more. I know that what we provide can make a significant difference in the lives of those who attend. I have worked at Renew since 2004, becoming CEO in 2019. Renew was founded in 1904 and has worked tirelessly to provide a level of service that everyone in all our communities deserve. Each and every member of staff and Trustee strives to offer they best they can to clients we believe in and it is an absolute pleasure to work here.