Renew Counselling and Training


Robert Rowntree Clifford begins administering a fund for the relief of the poor. He establishes the Baptist Mission in Plaistow as West Ham Central Mission, providing practical and spiritual support, respite and guidance.
WHCM opens homes for the elderly. In the same year, we started working with young people in the community. Throughout the 1900s WHCM continues to support the community, by giving accommodation to workers without secure lodgings and opening children’s homes in Tiptree and Hutton.
WHCM sells the children’s home in Hutton and opens Greenwoods, a 16-bedroom home for those who need support. WHCM welcomes Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. This was one of many visits from the Royal family.
As well as carrying out important work in Essex, WHCM’s work in East London continued, opening a boy’s home in 1953.
WHCM purchases a parsonage, providing a secure base for those entering into employment and independence.

WHCM works to open sheltered housing in
Plaistow. While no longer part of our
charity’s work, it is still
in operation today.

WHCM builds York House on Barking Road, which is still owned by the charity today. The charity begins to move towards supporting people with their mental health mental health difficulties with the opening of Bodey House Counselling and Teaching Centre. Our work in Sadlers House, Chelmsford, continues to flourish. Alongside our counselling work we begin to develop our training offer, now delivered in partnership with Anglia Ruskin University. Although counselling in our East London centre has closed, we continue to support schools in East London.
With the landscape of health and social care changing once more, government support for residential homes was withdrawn. WHCM closes Greenwoods, which had been run by the inspitational Ron Messenger. WHCM opens in the heart of the community in Basildon and begins providing counselling and support to children, young people and adults both within our centre and in schools.
WHCM changes its name to Renew to more accurately reflect what we do today.
Renew works with Essex County Council and other partners to provide support to the community throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.