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“I use the skills I learned on the course on an almost daily basis” – 

Student perspectives on our Introduction to Counselling course

We’re delighted to be launching our Introduction to Counselling course once again this May, giving students the chance to develop their communication skills. Whether you’re considering further counselling study, or you’re looking to improve your interpersonal skills, this course is an excellent platform to increase your understanding. 

We caught up with past students Grace and Anne to find out about their experience of the course:


“I really enjoyed the introduction to counselling course. I knew that I wanted to do the diploma in counselling, but signing up for the Introduction
to Counselling course gave me a really good insight into counselling. I met lovely people on the course and felt supported. 

I loved how supportive the tutor was. Although I had to edit my work before passing, which could be frustrating at times, it was great that there
was no limit to how many times I could do that. It prepared me for the next level of study after being away from education for many years. 

I am quite anxious in new surroundings, so familiarising myself with the Chelmsford centre through this course made me feel much safer when returning to do the Diploma. 

Anyone considering further study around counselling would benefit from this course. The course gives you enough information and insights to enable you to decide whether you’d like to pursue a career in counselling or not. Everyone is different, but that was my experience!” 


“For me, the Introduction to Counselling course was a very positive experience. I felt energised by learning new things, as well as feeling a sense of confirmation that I wanted to do the Diploma course. It was a very good way to dip my toe in for 12 weeks, to see if counselling was for me before before committing to a 4 year course.

I enjoyed every aspect of the course. Writing the journals each week was therapeutic and helped to process what I was learning and experiencing. Triad practice was a bit challenging at first but I grew to look forward to it. I really enjoyed meeting the other people on the course and getting to know them. I just loved learning again and finding that something I had put on the back burner for nearly 20 years was in fact something I am still passionate about pursuing.

By taking part in the course, I have gained theoretical knowledge; as well as practical skills of listening and putting these into action; a new sense of purpose.

I am very glad I did the Introduction to Counselling course as it provides a really sound foundation for the Diploma. The knowledge I gained was beneficial to me because it meant that when theory came up in the Diploma, I had encountered it at least in passing so it was not a totally new concept to get my head around.

This course would be good for anyone interested in seeing if counselling might be for them. It is also suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to listen better and wants to use these skills in their professional and/or personal life. As a teacher, I found I could use the skills I learnt on the course on an almost daily basis at work, which is enormously beneficial.”

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